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The Patient Empowerment Framework

This white paper provides a model to help organizations understand patient empowerment and make decisions about the future.

The Value of an
Engaged Patient

This white paper examines the methods and results of using patient engagement as a business and care strategy.

Emmi Solutions
Because patients are your
most valuable resource.

Patients are the most under-utilized resource in healthcare. And to reach your goals, you’ll need their help. From creating revenue to minimizing risks, patient engagement is the key to success.

We are the leader in helping healthcare organizations with proven patient engagement solutions that drive clinical and financial outcomes. Want to know how? View our demo. Want examples? Read on.

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Emmi Solutions Launches New Mobility Platform

Interactive, self-tracking patient engagement programs are now live on smartphones and tablets (including Apple® iPhones , iPads and Android devices).


Engaging the Patient

Healthcare leaders share experience, tips and insight on our blog.